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Experience our interactive digital doula with gamified education through our beta test.

Mother and her newborn

Supporting Confident Birthing Moms With Data Driven Insights 

Birthvue's digital platform supports maternal patients, providers, and hospitals throughout the prenatal, birthing, and postpartum period. 

Reducing Maternal Complications

There has been a critical rise in the rate of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Lack of innovation, access to education, and healthcare providers creates barriers that hinder women from bettering their outcomes.


As a result, experiencing pregnancy and childbirth complications at alarming levels, with 80% of deaths deemed preventable.   

Accelerating the growth of maternal innovation


Empowering Maternal Health Through Technology and Compassionate Care

Our mission is to create patient-centered solutions that address the needs and inequities in pregnancy and delivery, especially the neglect and bias patients face which disproportionately affect African-Americans. It's important to support the normal physiological process of birth and reduce the rates of childbirth complications, morbidity, and unnecessary Cesareans. We plan to reduce C-sections by 45% and work toward a rate that is better than the 1970s, 5%! Through our intuitive algorithm and compassionate care design, Birthvue aims to empower women during pregnancy and childbirth to feel confident, supported, and informed.

Who We Serve

Optimized and efficient maternity department
OB/GYN and pregnant woman

Providers and Hospitals

Optimize maternity departments and improve quality of care through reduced unnecessary complications, rapid deliveries, and efficient use of postpartum rooms.

Maternal Patients

Take control of your pregnancy and childbirth experience with our supportive and data-driven digital companion tool to deliver the outcomes you want.

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