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Birthing mom using Birthvue Digital Doula

A Confident Birth Experience

While pregnant, mothers are filled with all sorts of emotions - excitement, fear, and anxiety. Is the pregnancy going well? Is the baby healthy? Am I doing everything I can? What is going to happen next? What do I need to know? These are just a few of the thoughts women have - it can be exhausting experiencing these feelings all at once!


What if there was a way to reduce the anxiety and help the expectant mom plan for and support a successful delivery of her newborn?

Introducing the Birthvue Digital Doula

Birthvue Tech Solutions

A patient-centered digital health solution designed for moms that delivers insights and educational content to improve childbirth outcomes while promoting health equity. Our product reduces anxiety, stress, neglect, underperformance, and unnecessary complications by keeping patients informed, confident, and reassured throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.


Pregnancy Educational Gamified Content

OB/GYN enrolls pregnant women in Birthvue portal following your doctor recommended care plan

Pregnant women meeting with ob/gyn

User gains access to profile with interactive educational
content and v
ideo material based on ACOG guidelines


Maternal/Fetal Monitors

Users receive optional fetal/maternal monitors
during 3rd trimester creating more personalized interactive content

Data used to assess real-time labor progression and identify Braxton-Hicks contractions 


Labor and Delivery

Our Digital Doula by your side "Virtually holds your hand" throughout labor and delivery with real-time reassuring insights on your progress and performance.

Birthvue humanizes and demystifies the birthing process with proactive support and coaching to reduce the need for interventions and create a safe, confident experience.


Postpartum Care

During the postpartum period, Birthvue offers a diverse ecosystem to facilitate the needs of women and their baby

Beta Launch Coming Soon

Interested in testing out phase 1 of our interactive maternal education app? Sign up to be added to our waitlist of beta testers!

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